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As a designer i can give one procedures on how to create a good design of advertising in many products as long as u give me the me your details will help me and make it easier to get to know what you want.
Getting a good quality of advert,the designer should be able to show how good the product is to make it attractive to the audience.good advert should also give out an advert that its image is colourfull to to keep one in attention.the other thing is to make sure that in your advert that u give all the details of your product to help the consumer get to know about the product that your advertising.

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Rubdin Designing and Animation.

Rubdin desning and animation is a comoany of mine that deals in creating advertisment in television and posters.we also do the web desgning with good quality and best softwares.the company has just started growing last year but doing great for the past year..

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